is a website dedicated to Italian microfungi. The website focuses on

1) Providing an up-to-date record of Italian microfungi with accounts on different hosts and substrates

2) Providing notes on genera and species of Italian microfungi

When using this website please cite Wijesinghe et al. 2021


Italian Fungal Number (2022)         Host : Fungi = 239 : 628                                               



Highlights of Information

  • Provide descriptions, illustrations, and photo plates of Italian microfungi collected by Mr. Erio Camporesi
  • A checklist of Italian microfungi from 2011 based on the published data of Mr. Erio's fungal collection

The website is updated periodically.

About Italian Microfungi

The webpage provides an up-to-date classification and account of Italian Microfungi.


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